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Impact report

APRIL 2021

Summing up the COVID-19 year – Preparing for the launch of the second Israeli into space

Our Mission

The Ramon Foundation was established by Rona Ramon and family friends in 2010 after the tragic death of Asaf Ramon in a training accident. Asaf, who followed in his father’s footsteps – Col. Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut – enlisted in the Air Force and finished the pilot training course with honors. 

The Foundation was established to instill in Israel’s youth academic excellence, social leadership, and courageous prowess as the three core values which most embodied Ilan and Asaf Ramon (may their memory be a blessing). The Ramon Foundation utilizes lessons from science, aviation and space to improve the quality of life in the State of Israel. 

The Foundation continues what Ilan, Asaf and Rona would have chosen to do if they were with us today. Ilan – the first Israeli astronaut, would have returned from the Columbia Mission to inspire youth and improve the Israeli education system and also to develop the Israeli space program. Asaf Ramon was involved in and also initiated a series of educational initiatives. Rona Ramon honored the memories of her loved ones through a variety of new programs creating an engine for real change that has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of children and their families.

92% Work directly in education

55% Men- 45% Women

75 Staff


Program indirect


Program direct


Educators and teachers have received
training from the Foundation


Participants in the Foundation's
entrepreneurship and space events

 70% of the education programs take place
within Israel’s social and geographical periphery


148education institutions

Growth in COVID-19

leading Rakia Mission

Dear Friends,

As Israel nears the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ramon Foundation is proud to present our annual Impact Report. 
Our professional education teams managed not only to 'survive' but also to ‘thrive’ through the pandemic working with 148  different education institutions in 66 municipalities. Even during the lockdowns our empowerment activities for youth at risk, science classes, teachers training, and empowerment sessions continued.
The Ramon Foundation and the Israeli government will be leading the second Israeli mission into space .Eytan Stibbe, who will become Israel first private astronaut, is dedicating his mission to the State of Israel, to promote science, technology and education, championing groundbreaking discoveries for the benefit of Israel and the global community. 
At the Foundation, we will continue to work to expand the diversity and number of activities. 


Ran Livne
Director General
The Ramon Foundation

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The Ramon Foundation


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The Ramon Foundation, together with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Startup Nation Central and Rakia Partners, is leading the mission of  the second Israeli in space – Eytan Stibbe.

The second Israeli in space mission provides opportunities for hundreds of projects directly and indirectly.

The Scientific-Technological Mission – Eytan Stibbe's mission includes a component for improved access to the International Space Station for Israeli researchers and entrepreneurs. A call for proposals, published by the Scientific Committee chaired by Inbal Kreiss, was intended to stimulate, examine and encourage Israelis to launch scientific experiments and technology demonstrations as part of the mission. These experiments and demonstrations are expected to lead to scientific breakthroughs and the expansion of infrastructure for Israeli research and space industries. Soon the Scientific Committee will announce the successful scientific mission partners.

The Educational Mission – The hours of Eytan Stibbe’s mission to the International Space Station will also be dedicated to inspiring children in Israel and around the world. We hope it will become an unprecedented opportunity for cooperation between Israeli and international educational organizations, both formal and informal. 

The Arts & International Mission – These initiatives are currently in co-development with several Israeli art organizations and seven countries.   


Entrepreneurs attended scientific webinars 


Guests attended the Ramon SpaceTech 2021 Conference 


 Educational organizations have registered as partners for the mission


Children have already met with Eytan in online meetings


Suggestions for educational activities for the mission have been received so far

areas of activity

Leadership Development

The Foundation runs educational programs developing value-based social leadership among young people in Israel. These programs are creating the community to become responsible citizens - the pillar of a democratic Israeli society.

Space Education

The Ramon Foundation is committed to producing an ecosystem for space studies in Israel.

Space Industry Development

The Foundation continues the legacy of the first Israeli astronaut mission by assisting space engineers and entrepreneurs taking their first steps into the space industry.

Leadership Development

Rona Ramon, israel independence beacon ceremony 2017

The Aviator Club program is a social-ethical leadership program for 5th-8th grade students attending schools from the periphery, delivered by operational squadrons of the Israeli Air Force. 

Through close guidance and meetings, the pilot's guide and  accompany the children, together with a professional 'social leader' from the Ramon Foundation, in varied activities over the span of two years.

The program is based on the doctoral dissertation of the founder and director of the program – Reuven Zemach. The program won the Minister of Education’s Award. The Ramat David Air Force Base won an Award of Excellence for a Volunteer Unit from the IDF Chief of Staff. The program is currently active in 25 localities and is considered one of the most sought after programs in the Israeli education system.

The program is designed to nurture and empower children, and to instill a greater sense of self-image and ability, and an improvement in academic achievement. It inspires motivation, drive for excellence, and contributes to the development of personal responsibility and leadership.

Students statistics of the past year at the school level for a two-year program

Improvement linguistic grades

Decrease in violent behavior

Improvement general behaviour

Improvement math grades

Ascending is a Ramon Foundation delivered  one-year certificate program based on the principles of existential philosophy and personal training.  Schools that seek to develop social leadership values among Israeli youth utilize this program. Throughout the program, students keep a personal journal with weekly and monthly tasks, experience various workshops, activities, and group sessions. During sessions, students discuss and analyze major life events and seek behavioral alternatives to the ones they have previously chosen.

This activity paves the initial path for understanding and acquiring diverse values such as: taking responsibility, perseverance, avoiding self-renunciation, leading by example, motivation, dream fulfillment, collaboration, different forms of leadership and more

:Participation Totals


Activity Hours





The Ramon Award is Israel's leading leadership program for 12th graders. Program partners include: the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science, and the Ramon Foundation. From 300 preselected candidates, fifteen exceptional students are chosen, from those who have completed 11th grade with outstanding academics, have demonstrated leadership capabilities, and who have given back to society and to their community in an extraordinary capacity.

The award winners participate in an annual enrichment and empowerment leadership program that nurtures their abilities and equips them with an administrative toolbox that will enable them to lead Israeli society in the future.

The Foundation is proud that each year Ramon Award winners include women and men, new immigrants and ‘Tzabarim’, Arabs and Jews, and children who live in the center and in the periphery of Israel.

Space education Programs

Ramon SpaceLab is Israel’s leading space educational program providing 8th and 9th grade students a unique opportunity to send an experiment to the International Space Station. The program is currently active in 52 schools in Israel.

Sixty researchers from more than 25 laboratories in the business world (pharma, foodtech and others), hospitals, and four different research universities assist the students to carry out a number of system tasks, honoring each of the seven STS-107 crew members, to equip the students with a rich toolbox for performing the culminating task – sending an experiment to the International Space Station.

The teaching staff together with the Ramon mentors not only covers the required theoretical material, but also leads a process by which students are equipped with new critical skills that assist them throughout the project and also beyond the program itself..


Experiments previously sent to the ISS




Participating students


Participating classes


Representatives of space companies take part in the judging panel


Researchers ​and scientists mentor the students


Experiments will be sent this year

The Space Startups Program is a new two year educational program for elementary students (5th-6th grades) led by a mentor from the Ramon Foundation together with their teacher.

The learning methodology is Project-Based Learning (PBL), and hands-on experience. The program incorporates principles from NASA's astronaut training program – teamwork, mission management, project leadership, development of independent research capabilities, coping with challenges, and developing skills for public presentation. The mission methodology is also based on a startup project management approach in which students speak the organizational language.



Participating Schools From Nahariya to Eilat

First Year Of The Program



Schools on the waiting list

Participating students

Space Kids Program- STEM studies in kindergartens

Space Kids is a unique Ramon Foundation program for preschoolers designed to empower scientific literacy among kindergarten children. The program enables the introduction of space and science through a special activities, which develop and establish a scientific and technological infrastructure in an experiential way in the classroom .

The Space Kids Program provides teachers and children easy access to STEM topics. All stages of the program encourage the child's natural curiosity – to motivate them to perform trial and error processes and develop scientific literacy that will help them in more advanced stages of the education system. The early use of professional terms and the simplification of scientific language reduces the level of difficulty for the children.


Participating children


Local municipalities



Teacher training

The Ramon Foundation, since its establishment, and continuing actively today, has established and developed programs and training to nurture a community of leading teachers and instructors in space technology and research and to promote the integration of space education in Israel’s broader education system. It is imperative that a cohesive community of space educators spark curiosity and interest in our youth, inspire their imaginations, help them delve deeper into the world of space, and to further the professional arena for space activity in the State of Israel.

Horizon - Israel’s Community for Space Educators

Horizon, in conjunction with the Israeli Space Agency and the Ministry of Education, is operated by the Ramon Foundation. 

Horizon is a program designed to organize and service the community of Israeli formal and informal space educators. Horizon members, who are representatives from diverse entities within the space sector and leaders in the field of education and space, have become part of an active, innovative and unique community, with special support from the Ministries of Education and Science and Technology.

The Horizon community produces groundbreaking and significant initiatives in the field of space education.


Horizon indirect beneficiaries


New educational initiatives developed by community members


Informal educators


Scientists, researchers, and engineers


Teachers and educators


Horizon Community members

Teacher Seminars

The Foundation hosts teacher training workshops alongside the Department of Science in the Ministry of Education. These training sessions are available for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school teachers and include training in observational astronomy, space technology, and Project Based Learning methodology.


Space Hackathon has been annually hosted by the Ramon Foundation and the Israeli Space Agency. Space Hackathon attracts and appeals to those who dream and love space: educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, academia, industry, and the media. The 2021 Space Hackathon provided an
innovative virtual platform with top mentors on the subject of web virality. Participants were able to develop creative and interesting ideas for engaging in the field of web space - on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and Wix.

Rona Ramon Conference

Since 2013, the Ramon Conference for Education and Space has been featured on the last day of Israel’s Space Week.
This renowned event annually attracts a national audience involved in education and space to network, exchange ideas and to gain exposure to cutting edge research via guest lectures from recognized experts at a diverse offering of interactive workshops.

Development of the Israeli space industry

The Ramon Foundation honors the legacy and mission of Ilan Ramon by encouraging others to take their first steps to enter in the Israeli space industry. 

Ramon SpaceTech is designed to provide interface points of entry for and between entrepreneurs, academia, industry, government investors, the military, and local and international space industry representatives. These interface points provide local entrepreneurs and space companies a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and accessing possible new partnerships.

Ramon SpaceTech is a critical component of the national effort to position Israel as a global innovation center for new space ideas, applications, and products.

Ramon SpaceTech conference 2021

On Jan 25, 2021, for the first time, Ramon SpaceTech 2021- an independent professional space conference, was hosted by the Ramon Foundation, the Charles Bolden Group, Breakthrough Initiatives, Calcalist, Start-up Nation Central and the Israeli Space Agency. The conference was a cornerstone of the Israeli Space Week.

Ramon SpaceTech 2021, was hosted virtually, featuring an interaction with a renowned roster of international speakers and experts leading workshops in space agriculture, robotics, AI, medicine, renewable energy, air purification, and radiation. The opening session provided the first opportunity for Gwynne Shotwell, President of SpaceX, and Her Excellency Sarah El Amiri, the UAE Minister of State for Advanced Technology to speak to an Israeli audience. The closing session with NASA astronaut Col. Doug Hurley and former NASA astronaut Dr. Karen Nyberg was uniquely inspirational.

Space Café

Space-Café is an International Space University alumni program, in Israel operated by the Ramon Foundation as part of a global network in Washington, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Montreal, and Tel Aviv.

In 2019, Space-Café featured, around Tel-Aviv, international space professionals, who lectured on a variety of topics that would appeal to a large audience of Israeli space engineers and entrepreneurs. In advance of each of these lectures, there was a networking opportunity for  Israelis with their ideas and projects to introduce themselves. These Space-Cafés were designed as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, Israeli space companies, researchers, international space people, and investors. 

During the COVID-19 period, all Space-Cafés were hosted virtually consisting of a co-presentation by an Israeli company or research team with an international partner. Some of the noteworthy participants this year included: Jeffrey Manbar, CEO of Nanoracks; Prof. Yochai Caspi; Aleph Farms (Israel) together with 3D Bioprinting Solutions (Russia); Dr. Moran Berkovici (Technion) with research partners from MIT and NASA Ames; and Astrosacle (Israel and global). This new virtual format for Space-Cafés also resulted in the expansion to an international audience.

Ramon Sci-Comm conference 2021

On January 24, 2021, the Ramon Foundation, in collaboration with Fun Fact Science, Stardom, Explore Mars and Kovi Rose (Ramon Foundation mentor), produced a first of its kind international virtual conference on `science communication'. 

Ramon Sci-Comm 2021 through a live conference presented, to an audience of over 1500, the role of science communication in today's world and how to make science accessible to different audiences, encourage diversity in STEAM, and how to inspire the next generation of scientists. 

The conference combined lectures and panels with scientists and science communicators from around the world, including former NASA astronaut and senior advisor at SpaceX Dr. Garrett Reisman, former NASA Associate Administrator for Education Donald G. James, and many more!

Shortly, the Ramon Foundation will launch the Spacetech.org.il website – which will list most of the companies,
organizations and academic bodies within the Israeli space community. The site will allow quick search and contact with relevant people
from many entities.

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