In-situ Cultivated Meat Production for Space Exploration

Aleph Farms

Space Pharma, Space Application, European Space Agency

Pascal Rosenfeld

Understand microgravity effects on
pluripotent cells proliferation and differentiation for further
production of cultivated meat in space.

Space travel is limited by the ability to produce quality food for our astronauts while travelling and without resupply of resources. Aleph Farms cultivates steaks directly from natural animal cells, scaling a process that consumes a fraction of resources compared to conventional meat production and eliminates the need for antibiotics. Following a successful ISS experiment with 3D Bioprinting Solutions in 2019, the goal of this experiment is understanding microgravity effects on proliferation and differentiation of pluripotent cells, meat’s basic building blocks. Validating the process in space, helps the company develop a circular and near-zero resources system on Earth and beyond.


Pascal Rosenfeld (New Ventures & Space)

Dr Neta Lavon (VP Research & Development)

Dr Lee Recht (Head of Sustainability), SpacePharma, SpaceApplications

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