Neuro-wellness study in micro gravity enviroment

Department of cognitive and brain sciences, ben-gurion university

Eran Friebman - Israel Deutsch - Dr. Oren Shriki - Yair Levi

Demonstrate EEG innovative system for Cognitive Assessment and Training for long term space missions research

The proposed project will monitor Eytan Stibbes’ brain activity during resting-state and during cognitive tasks before, during, and following the RAKIA space mission. EEG recordings aboard ISS will be taken twice a day for a short period (10 min) with EEG SENSE novel high-resolution system that uses a dry multi-sensor headset. The EEG SENSE system provides reliable and standardized data that will be analyzed using proprietary AI algorithms that provide accessible brain insights to empower human-centric applications and utilize recorded brain activity to provide actionable insights for facilitating astronauts' breakthroughs' cognitive wellness assessment for long-term space missions.

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