BBB in space

Sheba Medical Center

Dr. Itzik Cooper

Study the effects of microgravity on Alzheimer’s pathology using BBB-on-Chip in space

Dysfunction of blood-brain barrier (BBB) which is composed of brain capillaries, is an early biomarker of Alzheimer’s disease leading to brain chemical dyshomeostasis and cognitive impairment. Maintaining BBB integrity is thus an attractive therapeutic target. Microgravity conditions affects vasculatures in various ways, however its influence on brain vascular function and potential BBB-targeted therapeutics in the context of Alzheimer’s are not known. Moreover, amyloid β- the pathological hallmark of Alzheimer’s – has been shown to aggregate slower in space which may lead to reduced neurotoxicity. Therefore, we will mimic the Alzheimer’s neurovasculature pathology using BBB-on-Chip, and study its functionality in space.

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