IAMI-SlitTrek ™

Tel Aviv University / Sheba Medical Center

Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI)

Dr. Ygal Rotenstreich - Prof. Haim Suchowski - Dr. Eran Schenker

Ocular ImagingOcular imaging utilizing SlitTrek ™ for
long space missions

SlitTrekTM, a high-resolution imaging of the front of the eye, will allow real-time early detection of ocular, neurological, blood and cardiovascular disorders that affect >70% of astronauts. The eye of the astronaut will be imaged pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight using SlitTrekTM. Advanced image processing and Machine Learning algorithms will be utilized to detect spatial- and temporal-morphological changes in ocular features. The Rakia space study is a research of Sheba Medical Center and Tel Aviv University with advisory from the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI) may lead to novel discoveries about human physiology during space flights. SlitTrekTM may be used for early and effective diagnosis and monitoring of astronauts in future missions to Mars and for telemedicine on Earth.

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