UltraSight - IAMI


Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI)

Davidi Vortman, CEO

Cardiac Point of Care Ultrasound for Space Missions

The space environment poses a significant risk on the human cardiovascular system, especially as missions venture further into extended long range missions. UltraSight’s AI solution pairs with handheld ultrasound devices to conduct cardiac sonography, supporting more timely and accurate treatment. UltraSight offers users with no sonography training, real-time guidance and quality assessment to efficiently acquire diagnostic quality images. The Rakia space study is a collaboration of UltraSight and the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI). This novel solution holds great potential to provide critical medical information of crewmembers during flight. The outcomes of a space study conducted onboard the ISS will provide insight into the possibility of ultrasound moving closer to patients in rural, underserved communities and long-duration space flights.

Partner: Dr. Eran Schenker, IAMI, CMIO

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