Montfort Brain Monitor LTD

Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI)

Dr. Ziv Yekutieli - Dr. Eran Schenke

Inclusive neurological tests for Space Missions

The human brain is as complex as the cosmos. This complexity makes the brain vulnerable, particularly in space on account of factors associated with the spaceflight environment, as well as the mental load posed on crewmembers. EncephaLog™ is an FDA-cleared app that offers a medical-grade neurological evaluation. As a part of part of RAKIA space mission and with collaboration with Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI), EncephaLog will be used on the International Space Station crewmembers brain functionality in three domains: motor control, cognitive functions and mood. All of the tests will be conducted by using a standard smartphone or tablet. The platform may be deployed for Artemis lunar and future Mars missions.


Dr. Ziv Yekutieli, Montfort Brain Monitor LTD

Dr. Eran Schenker, Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI)

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