Urinalysis in Space


Yonatan Adiri - Ron Zohar

Urinalysis conducted entirely in space will enable space crews to have real-time diagnostic and screening capabilities without needing to test urine back on earth.

Healthy.io transforms the smartphone camera into a medical device, enabling clinical-grade remote testing. On earth, this means detecting chronic kidney disease (among others) at home using a smartphone. In space, this means using this technology to provide real time medical insights to space crews. As missions to space become longer and more common, astronauts will need a variety of diagnostic tools to screen and monitor bodily function on board, including urinalysis.Kidney function in space is a topic that has been researched. However, previous studies involve capturing urine in space and testing it back on earth. Our proposal focuses on conducting an ACR – albumin to creatinine ratio – urinalysis test in space, enabling astronauts to measure kidney function in real time.

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