Enhancing bone forming and muscle cells performances in microgravity conditions by Amorphous Calcium Carbonate


Moti Tikotinski - Yossi Ben

Use of the ACC (Amorphous Calcium Carbonate) in order to enable prolonged stay in Space

21st century will focus on extraterrestrial opportunities which will enable scientific explorations as well as future colonization. One of the problems humans are facing in order to fulfill this ambition is to overcome bone and muscles atrophies which occur during prolonged exposures (>6 months) to microgravity. Amorphical is producing a synthetic novel form of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC). Pre-clinical and clinical studies, conducted by Amorphical, has demonstrated higher bioavailability of the product compared to other products and an increase of bone mass as well as showing muscle improvement. SpacePharma enables biological research to be done in space and will test this solution.

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