CRISPR-based genetic diagnostics in microgravity

Tel Aviv University

The Pines lab, The Agricultural Research Organization - Volcani Institute.

Mammoth Biosciences

Dr. David Burstein - Dr. Gur Pines

We aim to develop lightweight easy-to-use, genetic diagnostics of pathogens, resistance genes, and other contaminants for space missions.

Diagnosis at the genetic level is a powerful tool for detecting viral and bacterial pathogens, antimicrobial resistance genes, and various contaminants. Recently developed diagnostics systems based on CRISPR-Cas enable rapid, specific, and sensitive detection. These systems are highly portable and do not require any expertise or specialized equipment. Hence, they could be well suited for long space missions such as the one in the International Space Station (ISS) or future missions to the moon and Mars. As a first step, we will test different components of this diagnostics technology in microgravity conditions onboard the ISS.

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