Anti-Viral T Cells

Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer

Nira Varda-Bloom

The effect of microgravity on pre-stimulated anti-viral T cells activation: a possible application for up-front bio-banking

Immune-system dysregulation under microgravity may cause life-threatening diseases especially during long-term space mission. Here, we propose to test the ability to produce an autologous specific T cells bio-bank that will be send to space with astronauts. We intend to send stimulated cells, and test their ability to produce secondary stimulation on space, using same viral peptides. Cells activation will be analyze for their pre and post activation cytokine production and activation molecules. Study will be conduct simultaneously on Earth to compare environmental effect on cells function. If cells will maintain their activation on space, we will be able to produce ready to use autologous cells to treat astronauts upon medical need.

team: Cafri Gal, Zukerman N, Lieberman A, Vax E.

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