University of Haifa

Dr. Roee Diamant

Combining satellite and underwater acoustic communication to control autonomeuos vehicles from space

The space and the sea bottom are both underexplored domains. Our project links the two by establishing ways to connect from space to an autonomeuos underwater vehicle (AUV). AUVs have displayed various applications, such as working in hazardous conditions, surveillance, and disaster relief. Impaired by the complexities of communication, AUV operations poses the challenge of controlling the vehicle. Satalite communication may offer a solution. Combining underwater acoustics with satellite communications, we aim to be the first to demonstrate two-way message exchange between an AUV and the space spation: sending commands from space and receiving data and feedback from the water.


Alik Chebotar; Web solutions expert Ilan Shachar; lab manager; Electrical engineer

Liav Nagar, Electronics and Software P.E

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