Photonic FreeSpace –
QPhoton Link


Tel Aviv University - Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Nissan Maskil

Demonstrate optic and (Quantum Key Distribution) QKD space flight communication from and to Earth.

Innovative advanced in real time transmite and receive polarized modulated single photons . The experiment is a proof of capability to conduct QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) in space. QKD uses the principles of quantum physics to generate and share keys in such a way that makes it invulnerable to new algorithms. Algorithm methods will be employed to detect spatial single photon polarization pattern. Analyzed the photons and to correlate the parameters to the simulation results for enabling further design to enhance the performance. The proposed study may lead to an optic and single photon link in space communication to Earth.

team: Dr. Eran Rave Dr. Nitzan Livneh Yanir Farber Dr. Yehuda Plinyak Prof. Hagai Eisenberg Prof. Haim Suchowski,

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