Gamma-ray burst
Localizing Instrument (GALI)

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Roi Rahin

Demonstrate for the first time few-degree accuracy localization of (Gamma-ray burst)GRBs with a cubesat-scale payload

We developed an all-sky detector for astrophysical Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) with superior angular accuracy relative to any existing instrument of its size. Our concept utilizes mutual occultation between small scintillators to reconstruct the GRB direction. We built a laboratory prototype and are now ready to test the detector in space, outside the ISS. Simulations with realistic GRBs demonstrate angular localization accuracy of < 2° with a 1 liter detector, so far achieved only with large, heavy satellites. Importantly, this will not be merely a demo. Our instrument will detect dozens of real cosmic GRBs and localize them.

team: Roi Rahin, Ehud Behar, Shlomit Tarem, Luca Moleri, Avner Keidar, Alex Frid, Hovik Agalarian, Alex Vdovin, Amir Figenboim, Julia Saleh

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