Martian Agriculture eXperiment (MAX)

Brenner Regional High-School (BRHS)

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Geological Survey of Israel

Israel Aerospace Industries

Dr. Tal Feingersh

Simulating Martian Gravity & Regolith within the ISS, and focusing on optimizing plant growth strategies for maximized food production on Mars for future Martian astronaut missions.

The Martian Agriculture eXperiment (MAX) will help understand practical requirements for plant growth at a closely simulated Martian environment in space. By engineering an artificial gravity instrument, and generating the first Israeli Martian regolith simulant, this experiment brings us closer to Martian agriculture than ever before.
With decades of research experience and data shared by past and ongoing experiments and teams, we are focusing on successful plant growth, supporting future astronaut missions to Mars.
The space experiment will be validated by student teams on Earth (Brenner regional high-school premises) at the closest feasible setup, and accompanied by educational staff, IAI engineers and Israeli physicists, geologists from BGU and GSI and plant scientists from HUJI.

TEAM: Itsik Hulday, Osnat Yutku Sarfati, Dani Eliasian, Dotan Mendelbaum , Agam Cohen , Lior Sarig , Raz Dor, Prof. Menachem Moshelion , Dr. Ittai Herrmann, Drs. Danny Itkin, Dr. Onn Crouvi , Eran Gurfinkel, Demitry Zhdanovsky , Aner Nitsan, Motty Asraf, Dr. Erez Yacoby, Dr. Tal Feingersh

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