The promise of fresh duckweeds

GreenOnyx LTD

Dr. Dubi Shachal

Fresh greens supply and consumption under micro gravity conditions: the promise of fresh duckweeds

Duckweeds are the most promising green leafy vegetables for space farming. They are highly rich in crucia  phytonutrients, are the fastest growing plants, biomass doubles every 48-72hrs, are the most resource efficient without any waste -100% edible. GreenOnyx developed automatic and autonomous sterile duckweeds growing systems that are based on an in-line, real-time, imaged-based, closed-feedback-loop control that optimize and secure yield, quality and safety. Using this proprietary control system, we aim to study duckweeds growth performance under micro gravity conditions. In addition, we target to explore fresh duckweeds consumption, as the best source for fresh greens nutrition, under micro gravity.

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