Yonatan Manor



יונתן-מנור בגודל המתאים

A Mentor at Amit High-School for boys in Ma’ale Adumim. Yonatan lives in Jerusalem and is currently studying Computer and Electrical Engineering at Hebrew University. He has been active in the education sector since 2006 participating in a wide range of programs. Yonatan spent a year volunteering in “Seeds of Future” (AKA “Garin Atid”)  the Israeli Scout’s service. He then continued to “Ha-Ihud Ha-Haklai” acting as the youth movements coordinator for his hometown Zurit and lastly joined “Makers” where he teaches students from  Ort Beit Ha’Arava the principals of science and engineering through solving real world challenges. Yonatan has been passionate about space since he first learned about the planets as a young boy. Despite growing up he still holds on to his childhood dreams of one day becoming an astronaut. Yonatan’s motto in life is “Let’s not talk about doing things. Let’s just do them!”.