Nitay Ledany




The Zinman Interdisciplinary School, Dimona. Nitay serves as chairman of his school’s student council as well as the head of the Community Team of his school’s Robotics Club. He also runs the Field, Nation & Society Southern District Youth program. He is a qualified tour guide, a youth counsellor for arts, and a mediator for the “Gevim” Institute. Nitay takes part in science and technology projects at school. He participated in the So Can I competition which aims to develop products for people with disabilities, the ‘Amal’ in The Cross-Israel path competition, and the National Math Olympiad. Nitay was his class representative at the Global Entrepreneurship Week, as well as the host and judge for the National Robotics Competition, a member of the Virtual Olympics steering committee, and a founder of the municipal Science Night project. He studied theatre in Tel Aviv for a year, and at Dimona’s Theater School for another 4 years. Nitay initiated community projects within the framework of the Starting Line program. He is a 2015 Municipal Activist Award laureate.