Yuval Berkovich




The Henry Ronson ORT School, Ashkelon. Yuval serves as chairman of the student council of his school, plays a central role in the Municipal Youth Council, and took part in the LEAD program for leadership in Israel. Within this framework and in partnership with the Municipal Youth Council, he launched the End Shaming project for the benefit of the community in Ashkelon. Yuval is a Field, Nation & Society counsellor, he graduated the tour guide and navigation course with honors, and is teaching that same course this year. Yuval takes part in the Connected (“Mechubarim”) program which pairs young people with Holocaust survivors, teaching them computer skills and helping them write their stories. He also participates in the City Story project, which aims to recognize the personal contributions of those who have left their mark on the city. Yuval volunteers at the maritime school of Ashkelon and takes part in the Assa made me a fighter combat fitness group. Last year, he was a fellow in the Dealer Program, an Ashkelon-Baltimore partnership, which promotes social-values activities and “Tikkun Olam”. Thanks to his many endeavors, Yuval is a laureate of the Mayor’s Outstanding Youth Award.