Space lab

Ramon Spacelab is Israel's leading educational program in the field of science. The program gives students a unique opportunity to submit an experiment to the International Space Station through an annual research-based learning program. The Space lab program is currently active in 24 schools in Israel and New York, and in the past in New Jersey and Connecticut .

Using the fascinating world of space, the program aims to arouse students with curiosity and to motivate them to dream as far as possible, while utilizing they own inherent personal and social potential.

Through project based learning the students perform a number of tasks, each named after the Columbia team members. The goals of these tasks is to equip the students with a rich toolbox which enables them to send experiments to the International Space Station. The groups of students who participated in the program are escorted by a mentor from the Ramon Foundation along with their teacher. The mentor’s role is to inspire students to fully explore the topics which fascinate them as part of the project and beyond.

The role of the teaching staff is to equip students with key skills which will benefit them both at the mission and outside the program. Each task is designed to encourage students to broaden their horizons and to give them the necessary tools for research. Each task takes between 3-8 meetings, depending on the requirements and depth of the learning process. The task's methodology is based on NASA's Mission Management process and the organizational culture of the Israeli Air Force. The students are exposed to effective learning and innovative project management tools using the terminology of NASA.

All groups participating in the project present their experiments – the peak mission, at the final event in front of astronauts, government ministers, NASA officials, the Israeli Space Agency and other leading international space agency representatives who participate in judging the competition.

Experts from academia, industry and government closely monitor the experiments which reach the finals giving the Ramon Foundation access to knowledge and skills which they use to further promote the programs professional and scientific standing. After the winning experiment returns from the space station, the results are published in journals and on scientific sites.

To date, over eleven different experiments have been submitted from schools across the country and in the United States to the International Space Station as part of the RSL project. This has inspired hundreds of students and teachers to take a significant interest in the space and science industry, and encouraged students to be able to fulfill their dreams. For them, the sky is no longer the limit.

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Team members

Kovi Rose — 

A mentor at the Himmelfarb High School in Jerusalem. Born and raised in Australia, Kovi is currently studying Physics at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is a research assistant in the field of Radio Astronomy at the Racah Institute of Physics. Kovi has been private tutor since high school and continues to teach part time at the Rothberg International School in Jerusalem. With a passion for science communication, Kovi is the founder and editor of an online science page - Fun Fact Science - and plans to better the world through education.

Doron Zalman — 

Doron is a mentor at 'Ramon' junior high school at Kfar Saba. Involve with education and coaching since he was 16, and today studies mechanical engineering at Tel Aviv University. In the past, Doron coached basketball teams, when the players were at high school age, and contributed to the development of teenagers toward military service. Very attracted to aeronautics and space, and believe that hard work and exellence are everyday routine.

Netta Schramm — 

Netta earned a B.Cs in physics and a M.A in Jewish thought from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Netta has tought highschool physics and acts as student advisor in the Yerucham science center. Currenly she is acting as a Spacelab mentor in Yeruham and is doctorate student in the Hebrew University in the humanities

Eliran Hamo — 

A mentor at the "Or" High School in Tzur Hadassah and at the Evelina Tehila School in Jerusalem. Eliran was born in Jerusalem. Holds a in chemical engineering from the Technion, during which he worked for two years at IMAS Systems, currently a doctoral student in the direct track of materials engineering at Tel Aviv University. His research deals with the formation and characterization of catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells. Considers education and the establishment of a motivation to study science in youth as a supreme value.

Dr. Guy Hetz — 

A graduate of the Earth and Planetary Image Facilities (EPIF) Laboratory of NASA at Ben-Gurion University, is an expert in space applications. At the end of his doctorate he worked for 3 years at Systematics Ltd. as a GIS expert and then at Roboteam Defense Ltd. as an expert of SII (System Improvement Investigation). After four years in the high-tech field Guy decided to change his narrative of life and to move on to the educational field. Nowadays Guy is initiator and operator of the "Madaim BaEmek"; a lecturer for Noar Shoher Mada" at Oranim College and Gordon College; a leader of the space field  in the Science and Technology Center in Migdal HaEmek. Guy has 10 years of experience teaching science to children and youth.

Melody Korman- Shadmi — 

Currently an Mentor in "Atid Raziel" high school in Herzelia and in "Hadash" high school in Tel Aviv. Third year student in mechanical engineering and in Geophysics & Atmosphere Science – a double degree program at Tel Aviv University. 5 years Military service in the Israeli air forces as aviation simulator instructor and as instructor officer. I have experience as instructor in several youth frameworks since I was young, including "Hashomer Hatzair" youth movement and a volunteering year with kids in "Lasova" association.  I have the belief and the vision that with education all can take off to any new heights.

Nadav Zilberman — 

Nadav is a BSc student in BGU university of mechanical engineering and continuing for a MSc in an exceptional student program. Nadav has experience in teaching robotics in FLL program and summer day camp. Among his interests are animals, travelling in Israel and the world, and playing the guitar.  Nadav tries to learn as much as possible about everything possible and to expand his horizons, and has a strong tendency to technology and specifically renewable energy and the space industry.

Nir Dubrovsky — 

Mentoring at Amal, Hedra  A volunteer at the educational staff of SpaceIL since the summer of 2014. A huge astronomy & Sci fi fan from an early age, With a great craving of knowledge, as reflected in 3 master degrees, M.A. in Geogrphy, MBA & majoring in Environmental Science. Nir has a great passion for educate children all over Israel and broad their mind to a new horizons. At his spare time Nir involving in projects at the field of sustainable building and participated as the market appeal manager of the Israeli team for the Solar decathlon international competition. For his living, Nir has his own business at the fields of CRM & WEB

Gilad Petranker — 

Mentor in  Maale Adomim.

Lives in Jerusalem. Has an MA in Earth science from the Hebrew university. Nowadays he studies to be qualified as a teacher for earth science in the Witzman facility. He has been a teacher and a mentor for aerospace and earth science for 10 years.

Michal Rozental — 

A mentor at Shimon Ben-Zvi, high school Givataim. Lives in Tel-Aviv. A third-year student in medical engineering plans to continue for an M.Sc. in materials engineering and to specialize in nanotechnology while willing to be a part of a breakthrough in the field of cancer research. She counseled in various frameworks, such as: “Aviv” scouts movement in and Tel Aviv University camp. Michal believes that Space is the realm of continues development and surprises and there is no better way to be part of it than involvement and education.

Nitsan Moran — 

Lives in a Kibbutz with wife, four children and a mixed black dog. Electrical Engineer (B.Sc), MBA and a teaching certificate for technology. For several years he volunteers in the educational project of SpaceIL, which intend to encourage young Israelis to study the science and technology fields. Serves as Battalion Commander in the IDF reserved military service. Astronomy enthusiast from an early age, addicted to crossword puzzles and always keen to learn and strive for new achievements.

Avishai Leizarowitz — 

Lives in Haifa, Spacelab instructor at the Roz Ort middle school in Acre. Avishai is a student at the Medicine School of Technion University. He served in the IDF as an officer in the intelligence force. Avishai has a great experience instructing in the science fields. Avishai volunteers in a few organizations and hospitals, among those, he voluntarily joined “All Hands and Hearts” to build a school in Nepal. As a teenager, Avishai won golden medals at Israel’s national swimming championships. Avishai enjoys tracking and expanding his horizons in many fields. Avishai’s enthusiasm for space started as a kid, and he is looking forward to make his contribution to the health and space domains in the future.

Eliran Tal — 

Mentor at SHAZAR Kiryat Ono. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology, and teacher's certificate. I deal with teaching and training gifted kids since 2013. "I think that there are a lot of interesting things to find in the world, you just need to stop for a moment and watch them."

Yonatan Hamo — 

Mentor at "Ironi Tet Tel-Aviv" and "Qiriat Hinoch" Harel Holon. Holds B.A in chemistry from the Hebrew University, during which he accompanied students from a weaker section of the unit for equal opportunity and served as auxiliary teacher of chemistry and mathematicians for matriculation. Currently, Yonatan is a M.SC student at the Weizmann Institute of science and is involve in the field of electrochemistry and materials science. Yonatan believes in education as an essential tool in student development.תמונה יהונתן

Boshra Joeih — 

Mentor at Nesher middle school and “Schakim” middle school in Naharia. Holds a BA in physics and science teaching from the Technion. Tutors physics at the Carmiel Ort Brauda college. Boshra has been teaching and tutoring from 2013 in several frameworks such as social coordinator at the student promotion unit at the Technion, physics teacher at the “rama” high school, robotics instructor  at the Academic Association of Haifa, youth counselor and social coordinator at a youth center in the north and a teacher in “Nachshon” project. Boshra loves sports, animals and space.

Erez Kayuf — 

Mentor at “Kiryat Chinuch” Acre. Third year student in Mechanical Engineering at the Ort Braude College. In addition to his role as a mentor at the Ramon SpaceLab, Erez is also an instructor at the Monna center in robotics and drones.