Space lab

Ramon Spacelab is Israel's leading educational program in the field of science. The program gives students a unique opportunity to submit an experiment to the International Space Station through an annual research-based learning program. The Space lab program is currently active in 24 schools in Israel and New York, and in the past in New Jersey and Connecticut .

Using the fascinating world of space, the program aims to arouse students with curiosity and to motivate them to dream as far as possible, while utilizing they own inherent personal and social potential.

Through project based learning the students perform a number of tasks, each named after the Columbia team members. The goals of these tasks is to equip the students with a rich toolbox which enables them to send experiments to the International Space Station. The groups of students who participated in the program are escorted by a mentor from the Ramon Foundation along with their teacher. The mentor’s role is to inspire students to fully explore the topics which fascinate them as part of the project and beyond.

The role of the teaching staff is to equip students with key skills which will benefit them both at the mission and outside the program. Each task is designed to encourage students to broaden their horizons and to give them the necessary tools for research. Each task takes between 3-8 meetings, depending on the requirements and depth of the learning process. The task's methodology is based on NASA's Mission Management process and the organizational culture of the Israeli Air Force. The students are exposed to effective learning and innovative project management tools using the terminology of NASA.

All groups participating in the project present their experiments – the peak mission, at the final event in front of astronauts, government ministers, NASA officials, the Israeli Space Agency and other leading international space agency representatives who participate in judging the competition.

Experts from academia, industry and government closely monitor the experiments which reach the finals giving the Ramon Foundation access to knowledge and skills which they use to further promote the programs professional and scientific standing. After the winning experiment returns from the space station, the results are published in journals and on scientific sites.

To date, over eleven different experiments have been submitted from schools across the country and in the United States to the International Space Station as part of the RSL project. This has inspired hundreds of students and teachers to take a significant interest in the space and science industry, and encouraged students to be able to fulfill their dreams. For them, the sky is no longer the limit.

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Team members

Yair Shimron — 

Yair is a Ramon SpaceLab mentor in Petah Tikva. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, specializing in aeronautics and materials engineering. He has Won an international design-build-fly competition for design and construction of an unmanned aircraft with a group of students. Works in the space industry and volunteers in SpaceIL's education team.

Yonatan Manor — 

A Mentor at Amit High-School for boys in Ma'ale Adumim. Yonatan lives in Jerusalem and is currently studying Computer and Electrical Engineering at Hebrew University. He has been active in the education sector since 2006 participating in a wide range of programs. Yonatan spent a year volunteering in "Seeds of Future" (AKA "Garin Atid")  the Israeli Scout's service. He then continued to "Ha-Ihud Ha-Haklai" acting as the youth movements coordinator for his hometown Zurit and lastly joined "Makers" where he teaches students from  Ort Beit Ha'Arava the principals of science and engineering through solving real world challenges. Yonatan has been passionate about space since he first learned about the planets as a young boy. Despite growing up he still holds on to his childhood dreams of one day becoming an astronaut. Yonatan's motto in life is "Let's not talk about doing things. Let's just do them!".

Ayah Abedelkader — 

Ayah is a mentor at two schools In Taybe: Al- Najah & Al- salam. In addition, she works as a science teacher in several schools. In recent years, she has been an instructor in Israel Space Agency and The Society for Protection of Nature. Ayah holds a B.ed.

Michal Fridman — 

A mentor at the Yitzhak Rabin high school in Tel Aviv. Michael is a student for animal science at Veterinary Medicine course in the Hebrew university faculty in Rehovot. She has taken part in "adopt a saba" program, "we love pets" training in Beer Sheva and guided imagery. Currently working on a project to integrate the disabled and under privileged in high-tech industry.  In her free time she love riding horses.  

Talal Sliman — 

Talal Sliman, is from Mashad village, in northern Israel. In addition to being a SpaceLab mentor in a high school, Talal is a math teacher in Segev Shalom high school in the south. He holds a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering. After several years working in factories he understood that the proper way to pass knowledge from generation to generation is through the education system, due to that he has chosen to get a teaching certificate and in that way to continue doing what he loves.

Amir Atia — 

Amir, is a mentor at Amit high school in Sderot. He lives in Netivot and is an Electrical Engineering student in "Lev" Technology College, Jerusalem. In addition to being a mentor he helps high school students in math and physics and has participated as a counselor in summer camps in Israel and abroad. He enjoys hiking and sport activates.

Stephan Hodosevich — 

Stephan, ​Mentor in Ashkol Pais in Arad. Born in Kazakhstan, married and a father to Daniel. ​ ​​A medic, ​and hold BSc in Medical Laboratory from Ben Gurion University. ​​​Stephan​ has a vast experience with volunteering, leading, learning and teaching youth medication and biology. Today he works at marketing nutritional supplements and Medical trainings. Stephan believes in the ability of the individual to change and to improve the surrounding within.

Zohar Ehrlich — 

Mentor at Ort Modiin middle school for the second year. Expert in developing early stage ventures. Currently Zohar leads the Global Marketing and BusDev efforts for the Geophysical Institute of Israel. Prior to that he led innovation and development teams for Copper exploration in Chile for 3 years. With over 8 years of experience in formal and informal education environments, from youth movements to universities, Zohar brings a unique blend of education, science and entrepreneurship to the PBL classroom. BSc Biology, BSc Geology, MSc Geophysics.

Tal Goldshmit — 

A double B.A student in Physics and Materials Science and engineering, third year student in the Technion- Israel institute of Technology. In high school, Tal was a part of the "Nahashon" project, supported by the IDF, designed to develop interpersonal skills and leadership, as well as public speaking abilities. For three years Tal was a guide in a youth movement called "Zameret". Worked as a private tutor and a teacher in summer courses for students with difficulty in Math, in Ort Bialik.

effy kalmer — 

Mentor in Ort sharet Nazareth ellit . Married and lives in Haifa, an officer in an elite warrior unit, and a Aerospace Engineering student at the Technion. Has Experience in training and command of the fighters and coaches simulator alongside a number of other operational roles army physical training guide Wingate. Marathoner and competes professionally run industry leisure.

Dan Kalfus — 

Dan is a Ramon Spacelab mentor at Atid Raziel youth village in Herzliia. Has experience in security industry, focusing on management, characterization research and development projects.  In recent year, Dan has been researching IDF operational gaps and resolving them by using advanced technologies. Dan, is an Electrical Engineering student, at Tel Aviv University.

Dvora Burshtein — 

Guides ORT Acco and Nahariya. BA in Medical Laboratory Science BSC, and MSC in medical science with a thesis on the subject of embryonic development  in Hebrew University. Today, towards the end of her medical studies at Bar Ilan University. Dvora has more than 7 years as an instructor in biology and medicine gifted teenagers, and those with special needs in youth science center and other frameworks.

Nir Dubrovsky — 

Mentoring at Ort Yosef, Bat-Yam.  A volunteer at the educational staff of SpaceIL since the summer of 2014. A huge astronomy & Sci fi fan from an early age, With a great craving of knowledge, as reflected in 3 master degrees, M.A. in Geogrphy, MBA & majoring in Environmental Science. Nir has a great passion for educate children all over Israel and broad their mind to a new horizons. At his spare time Nir involving in projects at the field of sustainable building and participated as the market appeal manager of the Israeli team for the Solar decathlon international competition. For his living, Nir has his own business at the fields of CRM & WEB

Yarden Hazan — 

Yarden, is a Ramon SpaceLab Mentor at Amal, Tiberias school. He is a Electrical engineering student, a counselor for math and phyiscs and for an Army Preparation course in addition he is a paramedic and athlete.

Gal Bregman — 

Mentor at "Ort Afek" school in Kiriat Bialik.

4th year student for Aerospace engineering. Served as a Navy Simulator census and nowadays mentor Interpersonal communication workshops.

Gilad Petranker — 

Mentor in  Maale Adomim.

Lives in Jerusalem. Has an MA in Earth science from the Hebrew university. Nowadays he studies to be qualified as a teacher for earth science in the Witzman facility. He has been a teacher and a mentor for aerospace and earth science for 10 years.