Ramon Award

The Ramon Award is an exceptional program in Israel in the field of leadership for 12th grade students. The partners for this program are: the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Technology, the Ministry of Space and the Ramon Foundation. Each year the team selects agroup of twelve to fifteen student who has excelled in their studies, with proven leadership ability and who has made an outstanding contribution to society and the community. This students is selected from over 300 candidates.

Every year, candidates from all parts of Israeli society are eligible to participate in the Ramon Award, including new migrants, Arabs, Christians, Druze and Jews, from both the centre and the periphery of the country.

In addition students meet with opinion leaders in the public arena, where they become aware of core challenges in Israeli society. During the year, the students are mentored by the Ramon Foundation and by key people in Israeli society. This year, for the first time the students will participate in the Hayim Association which supports children with cancer and their families. The students will analyze the needs of the association, examine its current programs and suggest ideas to advance the association to a national level.

Team Members

Lauren Giris — 

Study in Leo-beck school. Lives in Haifa. Lauren is an Arab-Christian. Despite being an Arab Christine in a Jewish school, she was elected to be the school's student council chairman. She led many projects and protests in her school. Changing the schools' regulations, and initiating many projects for students' welfare. She led fundraising events for children with cancer and was very active during the great fire in the Carmel mountain- fundraising, and assisting elderly people. She took part in projects that nurture Arab Jewish relations in Haifa and took part in the 'chosen ones' project of the Israeli excellence forum.