Notsan Moran

ניצן מורן

Lives in a Kibbutz with wife, four children and a mixed black dog. Electrical Engineer (B.Sc), MBA and a teaching certificate for technology. For several years he volunteers in the educational project of SpaceIL, which intend to encourage young Israelis to study the science and technology fields. Serves as Battalion Commander in the IDF reserved… Continue reading


Michal Rozental

מיכל רוזנטל

A mentor at Shimon Ben-Zvi, high school Givataim. Lives in Tel-Aviv. A third-year student in medical engineering plans to continue for an M.Sc. in materials engineering and to specialize in nanotechnology while willing to be a part of a breakthrough in the field of cancer research. She counseled in various frameworks, such as: “Aviv” scouts… Continue reading


Almog Levy


mentor at the “Nofar” middle school in Nahariya. Student for biotechnology engineering at Ort Braude college, Carmiel. Born and raised in Nahariya. Graduate of “Seeds of Peace” program, the youth movement “HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed” and has experience in guiding in various platforms. Served in the Israeli Air Force. Likes to travel and read books.


Aviyah Buchnik


A mentor at Makif H and Shikma Yad Mordechay schools. Aviyah is a BA student in education at the natural science department of the Harzog college, Gush Etzion. Fascinated with the curious and admiration of children and inspired by the infinity of the space. She occasionally works as a beekeeper and like the world of… Continue reading


Gilad Petranker


Mentor in  Maale Adomim. Lives in Jerusalem. Has an MA in Earth science from the Hebrew university. Nowadays he studies to be qualified as a teacher for earth science in the Witzman facility. He has been a teacher and a mentor for aerospace and earth science for 10 years.


Nir Dubrovsky


Mentoring at Amal, Hedra  A volunteer at the educational staff of SpaceIL since the summer of 2014. A huge astronomy & Sci fi fan from an early age, With a great craving of knowledge, as reflected in 3 master degrees, M.A. in Geogrphy, MBA & majoring in Environmental Science. Nir has a great passion… Continue reading


Effy Kalmer


Mentor in Ort Yokneam . Married and lives in Haifa, an officer in an elite warrior unit, and a Aerospace Engineering student at the Technion. Has Experience in training and command of the fighters and coaches simulator alongside a number of other operational roles army physical training guide Wingate. Marathoner and competes professionally run industry… Continue reading


Nadav Zilberman


Nadav is a BSc student in BGU university of mechanical engineering and continuing for a MSc in an exceptional student program. Nadav has experience in teaching robotics in FLL program and summer day camp. Among his interests are animals, travelling in Israel and the world, and playing the guitar.  Nadav tries to learn as much… Continue reading


Meny Menashes


A mentor at Ort Motzkin, middle school. Meny studies, mathematics and physics in the Technion. He served in the army as a commander and sergeant in the artillery division. Ment taught children for two years in a “education for excellent” program. Durring he’s free time he enjoys running and participating in competitions as half and… Continue reading


Melody Korman- Shadmi


Currently an Mentor in “Atid Raziel” high school in Herzelia and in “Hadash” high school in Tel Aviv. Third year student in mechanical engineering and in Geophysics & Atmosphere Science – a double degree program at Tel Aviv University. 5 years Military service in the Israeli air forces as aviation simulator instructor and as instructor officer. I have… Continue reading


Dr. Guy Hetz


A graduate of the Earth and Planetary Image Facilities (EPIF) Laboratory of NASA at Ben-Gurion University, is an expert in space applications. At the end of his doctorate he worked for 3 years at Systematics Ltd. as a GIS expert and then at Roboteam Defense Ltd. as an expert of SII (System Improvement Investigation). After… Continue reading


Neta Dembo

נטע דמבו

She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Geology and Environmental Sciences department at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and works as a teaching assistant. Her doctoral work investigates crustal deformation based on geodetic and paleomagnetic measurements and mechanical modeling. She holds an M.Sc. in geophysics and a B.Sc. in engineering geology both from Ben-Gurion University of… Continue reading


Eliran Hamo

אלירן המו

A mentor at the “Or” High School in Tzur Hadassah and at the Evelina Tehila School in Jerusalem. Eliran was born in Jerusalem. Holds a in chemical engineering from the Technion, during which he worked for two years at IMAS Systems, currently a doctoral student in the direct track of materials engineering at Tel… Continue reading


Netta Schramm


Netta earned a B.Cs in physics and a M.A in Jewish thought from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Netta has tought highschool physics and acts as student advisor in the Yerucham science center. Currenly she is acting as a Spacelab mentor in Yeruham and is doctorate student in the Hebrew University in the humanities


Doron Zalman


Doron is a mentor at ‘Ramon’ junior high school at Kfar Saba. Involve with education and coaching since he was 16, and today studies mechanical engineering at Tel Aviv University. In the past, Doron coached basketball teams, when the players were at high school age, and contributed to the development of teenagers toward military service. Very attracted to aeronautics… Continue reading


Amir Atia


Amir, is a mentor at Amit high school in Sderot. He lives in Netivot and is an Electrical Engineering student in “Lev” Technology College, Jerusalem. In addition to being a mentor he helps high school students in math and physics and has participated as a counselor in summer camps in Israel and abroad. He enjoys… Continue reading


Michal Fridman


A mentor at the Yitzhak Rabin high school in Tel Aviv. Michael is a student for animal science at Veterinary Medicine course in the Hebrew university faculty in Rehovot. She has taken part in “adopt a saba” program, “we love pets” training in Beer Sheva and guided imagery. Currently working on a project to integrate… Continue reading


Yonatan Manor

יונתן-מנור בגודל המתאים

A Mentor at Amit High-School for boys in Ma’ale Adumim. Yonatan lives in Jerusalem and is currently studying Computer and Electrical Engineering at Hebrew University. He has been active in the education sector since 2006 participating in a wide range of programs. Yonatan spent a year volunteering in “Seeds of Future” (AKA “Garin Atid”)  the… Continue reading


Yair Shimron


Yair is a Ramon SpaceLab mentor in Petah Tikva. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, specializing in aeronautics and materials engineering. He has Won an international design-build-fly competition for design and construction of an unmanned aircraft with a group of students. Works in the space industry and volunteers in SpaceIL’s… Continue reading


Kovi Rose


A mentor at the Himmelfarb High School in Jerusalem. Born and raised in Australia, Kovi is currently studying Physics at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is a research assistant in the field of Radio Astronomy at the Racah Institute of Physics. Kovi has been private tutor since high school and continues to teach part time… Continue reading