Yaniv Aziz

יניב עזיז

Study in Ort Ebin. Lives in Ramat Gan. Yaniv is the chairman of Tel Aviv region student council. Initiate a project in Ramat Gan in which youth takes part in finding and repairing things in the city alongside the municipality. He was part of a project called ‘Omer butterflies’ to commemorate Omer Shemesh who died… Continue reading


Idan Boaz

עידן בועז

Study in Ginzburg Haoren school. Lives in Yavne. A member of his school student council and active in the schools’ debate team. Idan led a memorial project for the alumni of his school how died during their army service, and volunteers regularly in and outside of his school in a ‘voice ensemble’. He is active… Continue reading


Itamar Alyovich

איתמר אליוביץ'

Study in Ort Binyamin. Lives in Binyamin. Itamar is a chairman of his school’s student council and takes part in the prestigious ‘chosen ones’ project. Itamar is an instructor in the Hebrew scouts of Israel youth moment and initiated a project named ‘street training’ in which underprivileged children join the scouts. He takes part in… Continue reading


Nicol Karton

ניקול קרטון

Study in Danziger Darka School. Lives in Kiryat Shmona. Nicol Volunteer in ‘upside down’ a center of Elem- a nonprofit that assists youth at risk in Israeli periphery. In addition, she took part in a ‘young ambassadors’, to empower the self-esteem of youth girls at risk. Apart from being an outstanding student, Nicol volunteer in… Continue reading


Lauren Giris

לורן ג'יריס

Study in Leo-beck school. Lives in Haifa. Lauren is an Arab-Christian. Despite being an Arab Christine in a Jewish school, she was elected to be the school’s student council chairman. She led many projects and protests in her school. Changing the schools’ regulations, and initiating many projects for students’ welfare. She led fundraising events for… Continue reading


Shaked Tzukerman

שקד צוקרמן

Study Branko vies Eitan. Lives in Naa’n kibbutz. Shaked is active in the ‘Hebrew scouts movement in Israel’ She led a group of disabled children, and now leading dozens of 7th graders. She is also active in another youth movement called ‘Bney Hamoshavim’ in which she established the movement troop in her town. She is… Continue reading


Ofri Bason

עופרי בסון

Study in HaKfar Hayarok School. Lives in Hod Hasharon. Leading the ‘entrepreneurs school’ in her school, responsible for its research and development. In her role, she is the one who is in charge of the relationships with researchers from universities in Israel and abroad. Specializing in psychologic cognitive aspects of products. Working in the ‘entrepreneurs… Continue reading


Gallia Stern

גליה שטרן2

Study in the Eastern Mediterranean international school in Ramat Hasharon. Lives in Padres Hannah. Participated in the elite ‘Future Scientist’ of Tel Aviv University, studied physics and mathematics. Take part in ‘science in action club as well as the regional math club, participate in international math competitions. Gallia also led ‘peace in the middle east’… Continue reading


Liron Tyomkin

לירון טיומקין

Study Handesaiim School in Hertzelia. Lives Rishon Lezion. Liron is the chairman of the student council in his school. Arrange many volunteering activities in his community especially for elders and disabled children, for these he won the regional volunteer award in May 2017. Volunteer also in the Rishon Lezion ‘Aikido club’. Liron was one of… Continue reading


Tal Abed

טל עבד

Study in Atid Raziel Hertzelia. Lives in Barkan. An excellent student, first in his class in physics and computer science. Leads the ‘Beitar’ youth movement and the vice chairman of the student council in the Shomron regional area. Tal initiated many activities his school and regional municipality and took part in ‘young Knesset’ – a… Continue reading


Uri Knoll

אורי קנול

Study in Belevav Shalem Yeshiva. Lives in Yeruham. Instructor in Bnei Akiva youth movement, member of Yeruham Robotics team, and a Robotics guide. Leads his robotics team in the national and international FRC competition, and leads the software and control in his team. Last year Uri became a regional counselor and instructor to young children… Continue reading


Barhan Flaka

ברחן פלאקה

Beit Vagan Darka. Lives in Tel Aviv. Barhan is an Ethiopian Jewish, who volunteer in many community programs. For two years she initiated and ran a mentoring program, in which female students teach and help needy. She started dancing lessons to her community that empowers Ethiopian women. Barhan represented Israel through the Jewish agency in… Continue reading


Ido gizbursky

עידו גינזבורסקי

Study in Makif dalet. Lives in Ashdod. Study in a ‘Mofet’ class and a representative in his school student council. Take part in ‘Atid’ project at the ‘Herzog center for Judaism’, in which he is a coordinator between secular and religious children. Represents his school in many sports activity and initiated his schools’ basketball team.… Continue reading


Lior Sukarin

ליאור סוכרין

Study in Shakim School. Lives in Naharyia. The chairman of the city regional youth council. Leads ‘memory in your living room’ in his city, a project in which holocaust survivors tells their story in peoples’ home in front of dozen guests. He also leads a project that gets together religious and scholar Jews, and a… Continue reading