Chen Posner


Pelech, Jerusalem. Chen ran a day camp in Giv’at Hamatos in partnership with a daycare center for children who come from disadvantaged families. She is active in Bnei Akiva’s project for assisting children with learning difficulties. Chen was also a crucial founding member of the “Shai Letamid” fund in memory of her friend’s brother who… Continue reading


Eden Marwali


ORT Lilenthal, Ramla. Eden is a “Mofet” student (a high-level mathematics, physics, and social sciences class). He serves as chairman of the Municipal Youth Council, is a member of the “Acharai” program, and is in charge of advancing school projects at the municipality. He runs the Give me a chance program, a youth talent show… Continue reading


Yoav Franco


Hakfar Hayarok Youth Village, Or Yehuda. Yoav is an associate director in establishing the Start-Up School, where he serves as a mentor and guidance counsellor for high-school students, in an attempt to encourage them to create, initiate, innovate, and launch their own start-ups. He took part in the Spirit of Innovation competition where his team… Continue reading


Naya Yassin


The Comprehensive Al-Battuf School, Arraba. Naya takes part in the MEET project, as well as other Arab-Jewish youth groups. She is a group leader for a student assistance program, and is an active leader when it comes to school activities. Naya conducts research at her school within the framework of the Szold Institute’s mentoring program.… Continue reading


Nir Gofman


The Zinman Interdisciplinary School, Dimona. Nir takes part in science and technology projects. He received an honorable mention at the Ilan Ramon Youth Science Olympics, took part in the Weizmann Institute Science Camp, and was a finalist in the So Can I competition. Nir participated in the ‘Amal’ in The Cross-Israel path competition, as well… Continue reading


Nitay Ledany


The Zinman Interdisciplinary School, Dimona. Nitay serves as chairman of his school’s student council as well as the head of the Community Team of his school’s Robotics Club. He also runs the Field, Nation & Society Southern District Youth program. He is a qualified tour guide, a youth counsellor for arts, and a mediator for… Continue reading


Chen Perri


The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Chen sings in the Encore choir. She is a member of the student council, and participates in organizing events and ceremonies. She is also part of the LEAD program for advancing leadership in Israel, where she launched the Musical Memory project which connects youth with Holocaust survivors by… Continue reading


Matias Ioav Roitberg


The 7th Comprehensive School, Ashdod. Matias is a “Mofet” student (a high-level mathematics, physics, and social sciences class) and is majoring in biotechnology, physics, and chemistry. He also takes physics classes at Tel Aviv University. Matias was valedictorian of his school, and won 5th place at the Municipal Rotary Young Speaker’s Club. Matias is a… Continue reading


Noy Krief


The Comprehensive School, Nesher. Noy takes part in the End Dropout Now educational leadership program. She also counsels and is active in an environmental protection group, as well as in the Israeli Culture-leading Group, and among her peers. She is part of the English debate team and the discussion project in Hebrew, as well as… Continue reading


Gal Biton


Leo Baeck, Haifa. Gal is a member of her school’s running team. She takes part in organizing and managing the Science Day projects in her school, as well as initiates and runs volunteering activities in her class. Gal is part of the Scouts youth movement. This year, she helped found a youth group for children… Continue reading


Yuval Berkovich


The Henry Ronson ORT School, Ashkelon. Yuval serves as chairman of the student council of his school, plays a central role in the Municipal Youth Council, and took part in the LEAD program for leadership in Israel. Within this framework and in partnership with the Municipal Youth Council, he launched the End Shaming project for… Continue reading


Daniel Abitbol


The Interdisciplinary Shchakim School, Nahariya. Daniel initiates and participates in many school projects – fundraisers for children with special needs, “Melach Ha’aretz” leadership seminars for social change. Daniel served as a representative of Israel and his school for the Young Ambassadors’ delegation to the Parliament in Rome. He took part in the Jewish Agency’s Partnership… Continue reading


Sarah Baruch


Chorev Ulpana Girls School, Giv’at Ze’ev. Sarah has initiated and organized several activities in her school. This year, she ran the appreciation day for the cleaning staff and security guard of her school, she took part in the lights festival talent show, and she volunteers with children with disabilities at the “Shalva” foundation. Sarah also… Continue reading


Liby Zislis


ORT, Kiryat Bialik. Liby took part in an Israel ORT Network Outstanding Students Project, and studied in the Nachshon program. Today, she serves as a coordinator for youth training. Over the last two years, her responsibilities focused on students with special needs. Liby takes part in the “Magshimim” program, where she volunteers as a mentor.


Alon Tzrouya


The 9th Comprehensive School, Ashdod. Alon is a representative for the LEAD organization for the development of leadership in Israel, where he founded the Leading Dialogues Today project which fosters dialogue among grade 9 students on topical subjects. Alon also served as chairman of the Municipal Student Council, and is active in the Field, Nation… Continue reading