Shmuel Zysman




Shmulik Zysman is one of the founders of the international law firm ZAG-S&W.
As one of Israel’s foremost commercial lawyers, Mr. Zysman’s is an expert in the fields of hi-tech and internet, life science, commercial and capital markets law, international transactions, communications, and real estate. He is one of Israel’s hall of fame basketball players. A former captain of the national youth team, he was a prominent player in the Israeli Premier league for 17 years. Mr. Zysman is the founder and former head of the Israeli National Basketball Players’ Union.

Shmuel Zysman is an active volunteer in many community-oriented organizations: Friends of Maccabi Association, Friends of the Ezra Lemarpeh Association (of Rabbi Firer`s foundation). He originated and founded “Lev Ohev”, an association helping children with special needs, and founded and chairman of the Israeli Center for Rett Syndrome.