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Rona Ramon

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 Rona is a licensed holistic therapist, and has been practicing holistic therapy for over two decades. She has a BA in  Physical Education from Wingate Institute in Israel, and an MA in holistic medicine from Lesley College.

Rona was born in Qiryat Ono in 1964. She served as a paramedic in the parachute unit in the IDF. Rona and Ilan Ramon got married when she was 22. They had four children. In 1998 the family moved to Huston to prepare for the STS 107 flight. Ilan died in the Columbia accident in 2003. Rona’s eldest son, Asaf, became a fighter pilot following his dream and his father’s footsteps, and tragically perished in a training accident in 2009.

Shmuel Zysman

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Shmulik Zysman is one of the founders of the international law firm ZAG-S&W.
As one of Israel’s foremost commercial lawyers, Mr. Zysman’s is an expert in the fields of hi-tech and internet, life science, commercial and capital markets law, international transactions, communications, and real estate. He is one of Israel’s hall of fame basketball players. A former captain of the national youth team, he was a prominent player in the Israeli Premier league for 17 years. Mr. Zysman is the founder and former head of the Israeli National Basketball Players’ Union.

Shmuel Zysman is an active volunteer in many community-oriented organizations: Friends of Maccabi Association, Friends of the Ezra Lemarpeh Association (of Rabbi Firer`s foundation). He originated and founded “Lev Ohev”, an association helping children with special needs, and founded and chairman of the Israeli Center for Rett Syndrome.

Orna Saban

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Orna has been the Ramon family’s closest friend for decades. She is one of the co-founders of the Ramon Foundation and its most active volunteer. Orna was high school gym teacher in Holon. She has a BA in Physical Education from Wingate Institute. Orna served in the Israeli Air Force as a sergeant in the squadron’s operation center, under Ilan Ramon’s command.

Ehud Edelman

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Born in 1945, married, a father for 3 and a grandfather for 10 grandchildren.

CEO of  Beck Tech Jerusalem Ltd.

Ehud is a social activist and an active member in 3 non-profit organizations. He is involved in community life in the diaspora Bedouin in the south.

Ehud adopted the Fire fighters unit in the air force base in the South. As well, he adopted a group of swimmers with Down Syndrome, from the area of Sderot and Gaza Strip, in a project called “Special Olympic”.

Barak Ben Eliezer

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Former commander of TALPIOT Program, holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics, Physics and Computers, and is studying towards a Master degree in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is one of the founders of the “President’s Program for Nurturing the State of Israel’s Future Scientists and Inventors”, founded the “Einstein Network” a global network for the future of mankind, and was a special advisor in the fields of Strategy and Technology to the Police Commissioner and to the National Security Council. He was the VP of XIV, one of the successful exists sold to IBM. He is now the co-founder and managing partner of WINNOVATION — a private fund investing in start-ups.

Eytan Stibbe

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Founder of Vital Capital Fund, and has worked extensively in initiating business and financing ventures worldwide, primarily in developing countries for the past 26 years, with the consistent characteristic being the alignment of tangible humanitarian objectives alongside financial and business interests.

Mr. Stibbe is one of the founders and is a board member of the Center for African Studies at Ben-Gurion University, and is a board member of several NGOs dedicated to education, art and culture.

Graduating the pilot academy in 1978, Mr. Stibbe served as a reserve Colonel in the Israeli Air-force, and flew in operational fighter squadrons for over 33 years. Flying together with Ilan Ramon and under his command at the 117 F-16 squadron, they and their families became close friends.

Modi Keren

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Modi served in the the Israeli Air Force for twenty three years. In the last few years he has held positions of commander of fighter helicopters squadron. He is now an ELAL pilot. Modi has a BA in Philosophy and State Science from Bar Ilan University, and an MBA from Ben Gurion University. Modi was born in 1956, he is married and has two children.


Oren Sadiv

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Founder of Novatrans, Oren, Industrialist & Serial Entrepreneur, is a veteran of the Israeli high-tech Industry. Oren co-founded the Young Business Forum (YBF) and initiated its overseas penetration (US, Australia and Israel). He was appointed by the Israeli Finance Minister to analyze the creation of the Israeli Small Business Authority and served as an advisor to the Israeli Parliament’s Finance & Capital Markets Committees. Oren served as a board member of hi-tech and other companies as well as in various financial institutions. Oren was born in 1963, and holds a BSc in economics with a minor in law and statistics, and an MBA (Hebrew University 1989) with high honors in the fields of Lfinance, banking and accounting. Oren has four children.