Aviators Club

The Aviators Club program is a Social-ethical leadership program for 5th-8th grade students, in which operational squadrons of the Israeli Air Force adopt schools from the periphery. The pilots together with a leader from the Ramon Foundation meet with the children over a two year period, guiding and nurturing them. This leads to improved self-image, a greater sense of capability and enhanced academic achievement. The club facilitates higher motivation and striving for excellence while contributing to the development of personal responsibility and leadership in the children.

The program is based on the award winning thesis (from the Ministry of Education) of the founder and program director - Reuven Tzemach. The air force base at Ramat David has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for its volunteer work by the commander in chief of the Israeli Defense Force. The program is active in 19 local councils and is currently considered the highest program in demand in the Israeli educational system.

Results from the school-level program annual report

•98.9% elimination of violence among the group of students.

•Enhanced academic achievement for 100% among the group of students who all received grades above 75.

•Social adaptation for 80% from the students as they became leaders in their schools (According to a survey of graduates and an evaluation from the schools principals).

•The children voluntarily lead dozens of social projects.

Team members

Tamir Adar — 

Tamir is a Mentor in Tsohar’s Yuvalei Habsor School. He is 31 years old and lives in the Nir Oz Kibbutz with his wife and his son Asaf. Tamir served as a combat soldier in the Golani Brigade’s 13th battalion.

Eli Sulimani — 

Eli is a Mentor in the Ben Tsvi School of Kiryat Ekron and the Herzl School of Kiryat Gat. He lives in Ashkelon with his wife and children, Shilat and Tamar. Eli has a great deal of experience working with children and youth.

Ariel Anaki — 

Ariel is a Mentor in the Regavim and Nofim Schools of the Be’er Tuvia Regional Council. He is 26 and lives in Merkaz Shapira with his wife. Ariel studies equestrian therapy at the Wingate Institute. He served as a combat soldier in the IDF Commando 13 unit.

Maggie Tsriker — 

Maggie is a Mentor in the Mevo’im School of the Merchavim Regional Council. She is 33 and lives in Netivot with her husband and her son Yonatan. She holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology and has a great deal of experience working with children and youth.

Atalia Wilf — 

Atalia is a Mentor in Kiryat Gat’s Shilon Comprehensive School and in the Regional Be’er Tuvia School. She is 30 years old and lives in Neve Mivtah wither her husband and son. Atalia is a licensed behavioral therapist and practices ABA at the Lior Center. She also holds a B.A. in communications from the Sapir College, and has worked in social counselling, therapy, and rehabilitation.  

Yael Lior — 

Yael is a Mentor in the Ofek School and in the Shchakim Middle School in Ramla. She is 26 and served as an instructor in the Armored Corps. Yael holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Sapir College and is a licensed volleyball instructor from the Wingate Institute. She has over 5 years of experience in tour guiding, and has done counseling and community work with youth and children.

Ayelet Nadler — 

Mentor at "Ort Alon" high school in Yokneam.  

32 years old, lives in Kibutz Sarid. Served in the standing army in the Education and Youth Corps at an instructor position in 3 army bases. Has a BA in special education from the academic college Tel-Hai. Nowadays studies for a Physical education teaching degree.

Chen Shturman — 

Mentor at Migdgal H'Emek and Ramat Ishai.

33 years old, married. Reserve armor officer. A mechanical practical engineer. Has a BA in psychology, economies and management from the academic college Tel-Hai. Worked in project management and managed therapeutic frames.

Eddie Fisher — 

Mentor at "Ramon" school in Mitzpe Ramon.

47 years old, married +2. Industry and management technician. Served for 28 years as a NCO  at the IDF air force. Joined the Aviator club 2 years ago.

Nofar Landsmal — 

Mentor at Ekron and Gadera,

33 years old, lives in Moshav Gibaton. Has a BA in psychology and nowadays studies for an education degree from the Open University. He is taking a course of guiding teams at the "Gishot" college. Has being working in the education field for 10 years. Worked as social guidance with youth and children.

Amit Levi — 

Amit is a Mentor at Haifa’s Tel Chai School, and is 21 years old. She served in the IDF Foreign Relations unit and as a training instructor for at-risk Infantry Corps soldiers, thanks to which she received the 2015 Brigade Commander Citation. She also graduated high school with honors for academic and social excellence, and earned the Mayor’s Award. For over 8 years, Amit has been an active community leader in education and innovation. She has worked with children at the Sha’ar Ha’aliya absorption center, has served as counsellor and team leader for the Ilanot youth group, founded the Wings of Krembo movement in Haifa, is a LEAD program graduate, and has lead a number of delegations abroad to promote Israel.